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Business Planning

Minding your business: success and succession.

Businesses face a wide range of choices that have important tax consequences. We act as corporate counsel for clients, and assist in all phases of business development: from establishment to operation to transfer. Some of the tax and business planning areas in which Lourie & Cutler attorneys specialize are:

  • Business entity formation. We counsel clients establishing new ventures on the most appropriate choice of entity, such as an LLC, partnership or corporation. We can suggest optimal structures given the goals, ownership, and expected operations of the new business.
  • Governance and operations. As businesses grow, Lourie & Cutler attorneys can assist with ongoing operations and development. We assist not only with day-to-day business matters — such as employment agreements, leases, and other types of contracts — but also with more significant transactions, such as acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, and sales.
  • Succession planning. By integrating tax, business planning and estate planning, Lourie & Cutler advises clients on the most advantageous way to transfer business interests. In the case of a family business, this can be accomplished through gifts, stock issuances, and installment sales, as well as well-crafted estate plans. When succession planning involves third parties, we assist in drafting and implementing redemption agreements, cross-purchase agreements, and other arrangements.
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