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International Tax Planning

Taking your tax plan around the world.

For individuals and entities that conduct business across national borders, tax and estate issues can be highly technical and complex. Lourie & Cutler's international tax and estate planning practice assists U.S. citizens and domestic entities in their activities abroad; we also assist foreign nationals and foreign entities with a presence in the United States. Our services include, for example:

  • Legal issues that arise when U.S. nationals receive non-U.S. income or have an offshore presence. Lourie & Cutler attorneys have expertise in the varied legal issues, including special tax and information reporting requirements that apply to U.S. nationals with interests in offshore business entities, investments, or estate planning vehicles.
  • Legal issues that arise when foreign nationals receive U.S. income or have a domestic tax presence. Lourie & Cutler attorneys also advise foreign nationals who have a tax presence in the U.S., either through their investments, their business activities, or interests in domestic trusts and estates.
  • The interaction of U.S. and foreign estate and gift tax laws. Lourie & Cutler attorneys can assist in interpreting the special rules derived from treaties and other international arrangements. We assist both U.S. nationals living abroad and foreign nationals living in the U.S. with their estate and tax planning, mindful of the interaction between U.S. and other applicable tax and inheritance laws.

For many decades, we have helped our clients pursue opportunities across borders. We have developed expertise and formed alliances in countries around the globe, and we are prepared to help you deal with your most complex international tax issues.

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