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Probate & Trust Administration

Putting your estate plan to work.

To the complex and often sensitive matters of probate and trust administration, Lourie & Cutler brings a wealth of experience. We assist clients in all aspects of the probate process and in the administration of estates and trusts. Our services include:

  • Preparation of probate court filings and notices. We also assist clients in assembling and distributing estate assets.
  • Estate tax return and fiduciary income tax return preparation. Our attorneys are experts in estate tax matters, and will provide guidance in the valuation of complex assets and the availability of credits and deductions. The IRS audits a significant percentage of estate tax returns, and we provide knowledgeable and vigorous representation throughout the audit process.
  • Trust administration counsel. We provide expert advice on trust funding, the preparation of trust accountings, and fiduciary income tax returns. We also offer guidance on the duties and responsibilities of fiduciaries, and, in appropriate circumstances, provide fiduciary services to our clients.

With our extensive experience and specialization in tax issues, Lourie & Cutler attorneys provide a tax efficient perspective to probate and trust administration matters.

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