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Tax Planning

The key to tax savings is planning.

Businesses and individuals face a wide range of choices that have important federal and state tax consequences. Because our attorneys are adept in business law as well as income and estate tax laws, we have an integrated approach and understanding of complex business structures and endeavors.

  • For business owners. From choice of business entity to acquisitions, mergers, reorganization, and dissolutions, income taxes are a key component of any transaction. The transfer of business interests, whether through gifts, bequests, installment sales, redemption agreements, or cross-purchase agreements, has complex tax ramifications. Our attorneys have a wealth of tax knowledge, and can assist you in structuring the transfer of your business interest in the most tax efficient manner, whether the transfer is to a family member, a key employee, or an unrelated purchaser. Business owners will also benefit from our expertise in the pension and employee benefits area.
  • For individuals. We can advise individuals on a wide variety of income tax matters, including the structuring of real estate investments and other business opportunities, investment in pass-through entities, planning with highly appreciated assets, charitable giving, and the optimal disposition of IRAs and other qualified plan benefits.
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